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Follow the Evolution of Casino Software

Welcome to our page, the purpose of which is to explain to you about the changes that have been made in casino software since its introduction. La verdad es, it has had a very short history – after all, casinos online have been around since 1994 – however, the software of the games has developed rapidly into an exceptional state. It simply has to be competitive and it has to provide peace of mind and ease of use, as well as protection against viruses and malware. We will tell you more about the best suppliers of casino games in our casino software reviews down below.

Top Online Casino Software Providers

Some brands stick with one casino software supplier, whereas others go with diversity, so they engage more providers in their business. Por ejemplo, they choose roulette and poker games from Microgaming and a few slot juegos from Playtech and NetEnt. That way they can attract more customers. It is a win-win situation.

It has to be said that most of the software providers do not own casinos. 888 Casino seems to be one of the exceptions. It owns Random Logic and Dragonfish. As for the rest of the suppliers, it is a good thing that they don’t own casinos. That way they can focus on developing new games and making them better and better. This means that the quality of the casino software is amazing. Qué es más, they can concentrate their efforts on creating more games. Por ejemplo, Playtech, one of the biggest brands in the industry, makes about 50 games in excess each and every year. This is an astonishing quantity and some great news for the average player. One of the greatest things is that since customers have plenty of choice, they can take advantage of multiple progressive jackpots.

Todavía, there are disadvantages as well. One of the cons is that sometimes you can find the same variety of games in several casinos because one and the same supplier provides games for multiple operators. Anyway, one thing is for sure – the benefits are much more than the downsides.

The Best Three Casino Software Providers

Before we give you a list of casino software developers, we would like to talk about the most prominent of them. Why do we think they are the best? Because they are highly respected and they never fail to provide customers with high-quality games. They constantly create games that come up to everyone’s expectations.


casino software microgamingEn caso de que no lo sepas, Microgaming has been in this business ever since the launching of online casinos in 1994. Eso es correcto, they are one of the veterans in casino games and one of the first to offer gaming products for thirsty players. They certainly know what they are doing. Over the years, they have created sobre 750 quality games plus more than 1,200 varieties of their existing games. Their products always bring freshness and excite players.


A few years after Microgaming launched their business, the world of online casinos was introduced to Playtech. This is another trusted source of quality games, which was established in 1999. It is a reputable and respected brand, known for their large portfolio of games that amount to 500. They include sportsbook, poker and casino games. Some time ago, Playtech also took over Ash Gaming, which increased its astonishing collection of games.


The third company we think is worth your attention is NetEnt. This is another brand of the old school. It was launched in 1996 and is one of the companies that dictate the trends in the gaming industry. It has more than 500 employees, making it a giant on the market. It offers state-of-the-art gaming casino software, including more than 40 table games of top quality.

The three brands are known all over the world. Their amazing collection of games, which are available both for free and for a small amount of money, offers something for everyone.

List of Casino Software Providers

Now that we talked about the best online gaming suppliers, it is time to tell you which are the other casino software providers that you can come up with while examining different online casinos. The reason that they weren’t included in the top three offers is that they either lack some features or they are not licensed in the UK. Todavía, it doesn’t hurt to check them out:


casino software betsoftThis is one of the preferred suppliers of software these days. They have made a name for themselves for many reasons. The features that they offer are amazing, from cinematic 3D-like gaming experience to cross-platform compatibility. The next time you wonder where to play, try one of the supplier’s games. It will almost feel like watching a film in 3D! They have even tailored their games to fit any connection speed out there. So even if your Internet connection is a little bit slow, there is nothing to worry about. Betsoft’s games will still be playable and you will be able to enjoy them to the fullest. No strings attached! Por último, si bien no menos importante, their download version is outrivaled by their Instant Play software. Considerándolo todo, the company has a lot on offer and it is worth checking it out. Just make sure to look for casinos that are powered by this software provider.


One of the best games designed for casinos are created by this company. It is probably known to Australians more than anyone else in the world with its cool slots. The products have characters that you will love. The themes are fun and the graphics are amazing. If you have stuck with casinos for a while, you probably have come across names like 5 Dragons, Where’s the Gold and Queen of the Nile. These are all titles taken straight out of Aristocrat’s collection of games. They have classics and some innovative offers.


If you are looking for good quality of games, this supplier will come up with your expectations. Their software is used by a few large casinos. They also offer a few games that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. An example of this is their power blackjack. One disadvantage of the supplier has to do with serve-related issues. Anyway, the brand seems to be promising.


A lot of new casinos stick with the ‘flash’ games of Orbis. And though they offer stunning graphics and great quality, sometimes the games are a little bit slow, and as we all know, no one likes waiting for ages for a game to load. But other than that, this supplier has a variety of games on offer, including table games.


casino software netentYou are probably not familiar with this name because, to be honest, it is not known to wide public; sin embargo, this is a big company. They make a profit of £2.7 billion each and every year. They offer cutting-edge casino software. As well as that they create physical slot machines, which are available in landbased casinos, clubs and pubs. En la actualidad, mas que 230,000 of these are in effect.

Gale Wind

Even though Gale Wind is a small provider of casino software, it surprisingly offers a great quality of games, which is way above the average when it comes to small businesses. They have some odd game suggestions but they also come up with some unique offers. One of the downsides is that they don’t have some of the most popular games that attract so many players. También, there is a limited choice of video poker.

Boss Media

Boss Media is another gaming supplier that has been in business for many years. De hecho, they have been operating for the past decade and they have plenty of experience in this sector. Por no mencionar, they ran a casino themselves a few years back (casino.com), but later on they decided to focus on creating games. Perhaps their success is due to the fact that they have been on the other end of the line and they know what types of games keep customers coming back for more. Their products are offered at only a few casinos. The only trouble is that their games, especially live, are sometimes a little slow.


The games of this company used to be available at one of the biggest names in the industry – Betfair – however, it all came to an end in 2010. The quality of the products of this brand is average; the games themselves are flash-based. They do offer an adequate selection of games. The downsides: new windows seem to pop up all the time, which can be quite annoying, not to mention the design is below average.

Random Logic

random logicComo mencionamos anteriormente, Random Logic is part of one of the biggest families in the casino industry – the 888 group. If you are a regular at 888 Casino, you have probably tried some of the games that this supplier offers. They have 43 exclusive and unique games. They are of good quality; sin embargo, they do not seem to possess some of the features of giants like Playtech and Microgaming. The slots are certainly a good pick, aunque.


CryptoLogic offers amazing casino software, especially in terms of the overall quality and graphics. But this is not by chance. The company was launched back in 1995 by Mark Rivkin and Andrew Rivkin in Canada. They have years of experience under their belts. Qué es más, throughout the years, they partnered with one of the biggest names in the casino industry – William Hill, which became the first company to launch its own online casino thanks to Cryptologic. The software supplier is trusted. It has amazing content. Along with the standard games, they also have some unique products. And the Millionaire’s Club jackpot is beyond compare. We are not going to lie – its table games are sometimes slow. Sin embargo, it’s really nothing compared to the slow gameplay of other suppliers.

Real Time Gaming

This company for casino software was founded in 1998. It was seized by Hastings International in 2007. Their casino games are cutting-edge. They offer high-standard graphics and great quality. Slots and table games have quick gameplay. Yet companies like Playtech outrival them in many aspects. Desafortunadamente, the image of the brand has been tarnished after several shady online casinos used their software. There is a very interesting story about the supplier.

casino software rtgEn 2004, a customer was at Hampton Casino playing Caribbean 21 (powered by Real Time Gaming) when they won the jackpot, which amounted to $1 million because they had made a deposit of $1000. The winner was accused of cheating. Rumour has it that they used an automated playing programme which helped them win the jackpot. The same customer also got away with about $100,000 after playing at another casino that used software from Real Time Gaming.

Vegas Technology

This company was established in 1998, sin embargo, it was down in 2011. This is not how the story ends, aunque. The company re-opened again in 2014. Today its games are available at more than 100 casinos located in different parts of the world, such as the UK, Australia and the USA. The gameplay of the Casino Software is pretty fast, the quality is average and the graphics are fine.


The products that Rival offers look promising. The gameplay is fast (check out the blackjack offers!) and there also are some unique games worth checking out. The overall quality of the products is good. There are some bugs, but they do not affect the gameplay, rather they are annoying. Like everything, there are pros and cons.

Grand Virtual

This supplier is no longer available for casino software users. Instead it is now part of Playtech.

World Gaming

One thing we can say about World Gaming is that their products are average. The design and the graphics are fine. There is a good selection of games. You need to know that this is a pretty small supplier of software. The design of some slot games is beyond average and they offer some poor content as well. They also have a sportsbook.


Vueltec have a few games that are worth your while, but other than that their quality is beyond average. The gameplay is tedious. Por no mencionar, they supply a few shady casinos in southern Ireland.


casino software igtThis brand used to go under the name of Interactive Gaming Technology. Hoy dia, it is simply shortened to IGT. It had existed before casinos went online. They began by creating slot machines but in 2005 they expanded their business to also offer online casino games. The quality of their games is above average. They offer everything a player might want, de mobile gambling to no-download software and streaming. You’ll love them.

There is such a variety of casino software suppliers that players have a lot of options. There is something for everyone here.

Do These Suppliers Enable Customers to Use Bots?

If you have been on the look-out for good casinos on the web, chances are you have come across ‘bot’ adverts, promising to get you plenty of money. What is it about and is it true? Let’s find out.

But before we go into detail about this too-good-to-be-true offer, let us tell you what a bot is. There is nothing mysterious about that word. It comes from the word ‘robot’. It is used to describe a piece of software the purpose of which is to make certain casino games like slots and poker automatic. The idea is to leave humans out of the games because, as we all know it, people make mistakes. And when it comes to gambling, the fewer the mistakes, the better the outcome. If the coding of the bot is correct, a bot will never make mistakes. Qué es más, unlike humans, it doesn’t have emotions, which makes it perfect for casinos. Por último, si bien no menos importante, in poker, a bot can track other people’s actions and tell whether they fold, raise or bluff.

Entonces, it sounds like bots are a good thing, Derecha? Wrong. Most casino sites out there are not allowed to use bots. If you use bots and get caught, you can wave goodbye to all your winnings. They may even block access to your account and forbid you to ever play on it again. Por no mencionar, you don’t know who or what is behind that bot you see in the advertisement. It may as well be malicious software whose purpose is to steal your personal information. Unless you are a savvy computer specialist, you can never know what you are installing on your computer.

Our advice is to steer clear of bots for your own sake. There is too much risk involved to even give it a try.

Preguntas & Respuestas

  • casino softwareQ: Can I use my browser to play a game?
    A: Afortunadamente, technology keeps developing and today it is possible to play online games without having to download casino software for them, but this is not the case with all the games. We don’t want you to look at downloading software as something bad. La verdad es, in some cases, it is better to have a game installed on your PC. It means that you don’t need an Internet connection to play the game. En algunos casos, a company may require you to download their software, especially if they detect that the speed of your Internet is not good enough. Algunas veces, the size of the game may be too big for the browser to handle, that’s why it is best to download a few files that would make the process less daunting for your computer. Considerándolo todo, some games can be played directly on your browser, whereas others require you to download related software.
  • Q: Am I to download software if I wish to play games on my computer or mobile devices?
    A: Como mencionamos anteriormente, in some cases you need to download casino software, but in most cases this is not necessary. Because the games are created with HTML5, they can be tailored to fit the requirements of your PC or mobile devices. En otras palabras, they will automatically be optimised to ensure that you have the most fun. This also means that you can play the same games using different devices.
  • Q: Is game software free of charge or am I supposed to pay for it?
    A: The game software is free of charge. But as we mentioned above, you don’t always need to download software to be able to enjoy your favourite casino games.
  • Q: Which casino software is recommended for gaming on mobile devices that run on Android?
    A: There is not an answer to this question. La verdad es, it depends on your personal preferences. It generally comes down to the casino games you love playing. Sometimes you can find the same games at different companies because they use different software suppliers. It’s not unusual.
  • Q: Which game software is recommended for mobile devices that run on iOS, such as iPad and iPhone?
    A: As we explained in the question above, it depends on your preferences. En el pasado, most of the casino games were created using Adobe Flash. Sine Apple do not support this sort of technology, iOS users could not enjoy games that require Flash in order to run. Estos días, Flash has been replaced by HTML5, which is designed for all types of mobile gadgets; hence Apple users do not need to worry anymore. The new technology offers amazing graphics. It can even fit on any screen, including larger ones, hence iPhone 6 Plus and iPads are at an advantage.

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