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UK Real Money Casino Options on the Web

In this post, we will help you get your hands on the best real money operators offers available on the Internet. If you are just starting out and online gaming is an unknown territory to you, then we can assure you that you have landed on the right page. Here is where we will discuss all the issues regarding the gambling industry, casino games in the UK in particular. We offer a list of companies you can trust with your money. They are the leaders in casino games and are worth your attention. We recommend you visit one of the offers presented down below and we guarantee you won’t regret it. We know you are eager to start your gaming journey, so without further ado, here are the best real money casinos games online to enjoy yourself.

Top Online Casinos in the UK

We would like to reassure you that each real money operator listed on our page, as well as all the bonuses they provide to users, are secure and trustworthy. Our intention has always been to help novices and experienced players to find the best places they can wager their money where games are enjoyable and the experience is second-to-none, where all your personal data is in safe hands and is never revealed to third parties. By using our site, you will reduce your risk of getting yourself registered on the wrong website where both your money and your sensitive personal information could be jeopardised. Herein you will find guidelines to swimming in the sea of online gaming without drowning. We will constantly update our useful guide to keep you informed about everything that happens in the world of online casinos for real money. We promise to be factual and correct.

Here are some of the most popular online casinos, which are among the best companies in the gaming industry:

  • Betfair: This Casino is one of the most well-known brands in the world, with headquarters in London. They offer plenty of real money operators on the web, as well as sports betting sites. They have both innovative games and classics. The best part is, they can be played not only on your PC, but also on a number of other devices, such as tablets and smartphones. As for their bonuses, they have lucrative offers, including a £200 live-game bonus, £1000 slots bonus and much more.
  • 888 Casino: The online casino is just one of the members of the big 888 Holdings PLC family. The brand is known for offering a wide range of casino games like classic slots, blackjack, roulette, video slots, live games and craps, which are available for smartphones, PCs and other devices. Some of their games are web-based and can only be played on the website, whereas others need to be downloaded. They also have lucrative bonuses, one of which is their welcome bonus, which can amount to £120.

Here are more online casinos worth checking out:

Regulated and Licensed Online Casinos in the UK

real money casino cardsThere is no doubt that security should be top priority of each and every Real Money operator. It is of particular importance when it comes to the Internet where it is easy to run across impostors. We did everything we could to pick out the best casinos where safety is nothing but a prerogative. And one of the things that ensure security when it comes to casinos is regulation and licences. Choosing a company that has a licence is the best way to go. The wrong way to do things is to go with a random casino you have accidentally found on the Internet without considering its pros and cons or checking its security status. You can avoid that mistake by following our advice and going for the sites we’ve recommend on this page. Here is what criteria we considered when selecting the best casinos on the web:

  • A wide spectrum of casino games online: When you register at a casino, you expect to find a variety of games waiting to be discovered and played on and on. Every customer likes having plenty of choice. No one wants to create multiple accounts at different sites to be able to indulge in various games. That’s why a good casino should offer diversity. That includes, but is not restricted to, Craps, Roulette, Online Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, and much more. As well as that, the games should also offer quality and an interesting layout.
  • Regulation and a valid licence: Hands down, one of the most important criteria for a casino to be regarded as trustworthy is its licence. If a company doesn’t have one, it is a telltale sign that something is wrong and you should stay away from it. In addition, it is essential that the casino you have chosen has a good reputation.
  • Reliable customer support: When you are dealing with a reliable casino there is usually a bunch of ways to contact it – for instance, throughout live chat, via email, by telephone, etc. What is more, the timeframe for getting a response from them for whatever enquiry you have had should be 24 hours, if not less. A reputable casino will answer your questions within a short period. Also, they should be available around the clock so that they can address enquiries from all over the world.
  • Current offers, betting limits and all in between: when an online casino is loyal and prestigious, it provides enough information about the choice of games, rules, terms and conditions, deposit options, winning and betting limits and everything a customer has to know before starting a game. Usually, the information is provided in an understandable way.

Having to look for all these signs can be a little burdensome and time-consuming, but don’t you worry – we have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read all the information we offer on our Real Money Casino site and you will get to know the top market and new casinos online before you have even gone to their webpage. Plus, our ratings will help you go for the one that is worth your time.

Where You Can Get the Biggest Bonuses at UK Online Casinos

real money casino gamesEvery player likes bonuses. They give the opportunity to win bigger rewards. In this section, we will look into some of the bonuses which are worth your attention. Come take a look:

The Lucky247 Casino (Bonus for UK customers)

This bonus unlocks up to £500 which comes in the form of free deposits. The bonus is available at the Lucky247 Casino. The promotion can be used to play more than 450 games on the site of the casino, including online slots, roulette, blackjack and much more. We think that this company is the name of the game. That’s why we gave them 5 starts out of 5. They offer lots of benefits for players and it’s worth checking them out. In case you are interested, you can get in touch with them using the following number 0800 298 7785, which is toll-free.

Real Money Casino No Deposit Bonus at Hippodrome Online Casino

Hippodrome Online Casino has an amazing £1,000 welcome bonus, which also comes with 20 free spins. What is more, the brand has a plethora of games such as blackjack, slots, roulette and others. Contact them on 0808 238 9841 for more information.

Kaboo Online Casino Bonuses

This casino is a little different than the other companies performing online. It uses “Echoes”, which is a reward system. When you make your first £20 deposit, 50 echoes will automatically hit your gaming account. In addition, you will get a welcome bonus. Only the first and second deposits of a player at a Real Money Casino are entitled to this bonus feature. Note that it is available only at Kaboo Casino. To contact them for more details, call on +44 8000 119 554.

Bonuses for Thrills Casino

A welcome bonus of up to £1.500 awaits you at Thrills Casino. It also comes with 20 free spins. There is a Bonus-O-Metre that tracks all players’ bonuses. If you play the bonus game featured every week, you will definitely increase your bonus reward. Get in touch with the casino on +44 800 119 572.

Casino Cruise and its Games (UK residents get bonus codes)

Believe it or not, there are four deposit bonuses for players at Casino Cruise. They all amount to £1.000. But that’s not all. In addition to the offer, there also are 100 free spins. When you make the first deposit, you will get a 100% bonus. After making the second bonus, you will be given a 50% bonus. On making the next two deposits, you will get a 25% bonus.

Mr Green Casino Bonuses

real money casino rouletteMr Green Real Money Casino is one of the best known online. They have expanded out of the UK to provide services across the Old Continent. Their special promotion for newcomers includes 100 free spins and a bonus of up to £350. The first deposit is awarded up to £100 (a 100% match bonus); the second deposit – with up to £50 (50% match bonus); the third deposit you make – with up to £100 (25% match bonus; and lastly, the fourth deposit you make will be awarded up to £100 (this time 125% match bonus). Feel free to get in touch with Mr Green Casino on +44 207 197 14 44.

Play at Leo Vegas Casino

One of the best deals in terms of welcome bonuses is that at Leo Vegas Casino. They offer 200 free spins and a welcome bonus of 200%. The brand is well-established and it is quite popular in the UK. The selection of games includes Baccarat, online slots, jackpots, blackjack, live games and dealers, roulette, etc. Contact Leo Vegas on +356 277 811 87.

Roxy Palace Casino

An amazing £350 welcome bonus is what awaits players at Roxy Palace Casino, which, by the way, accepts UK customers. The bonus can be rolled over in a total of 500 casino games. Live dealers are also available. That adds to the excitement of online gaming. Get in touch with Roxy Palace Casino on 0800 051 8938.

Betway Casino Bonuses

On signing up on the Betway Real Money Casino website, all new players are given a £50 free bet to use on the wide variety of sports offered by the brand. Also, they have a welcome bonus which is specifically entitled to British players. It can amount to up to £1,000. When a player makes a first deposit, they get a bonus of up to £250 (a 100% match bonus); for the second deposit, they are entitled to £250 (a 25% match bonus); for the third deposit they are up for £500 (a 50% match bonus). Last but not least, Betway boasts a wide array of games, from live games to online slots, poker and bingo. Contact the casino on 0808 238 9841.

Bonuses at 777 Casino

This casino offers daily bonuses and a welcome bonus for newcomers. After making the first deposit, a player is given up to £200 (a 100% match bonus). To get in touch with the casino just call on 0800 279 7914.

G’Day Online Casino Bonuses

real money casino slotsOne of the best things about G’Day Real Money Casino on the web is its 100% bonus offer, which is practically unrivalled. To unlock the bonus, you have to make a deposit. No matter what amount of money you put into your account, it will be doubled by the casino. In addition, you will receive an extra offer, amounting to 50 free spins. And that’s not all. In addition, you get the chance to receive a case of beer for free along with the welcome bonus. Without a doubt, it is the real deal. If you are planning to play at a casino, don’t miss out on this one. To contact G’Day casino, call on +44 203 598 0281.

Gaming Software of UK Online Casinos

The most popular software suppliers in the gaming industry include brands like Evolution Gaming™, NetEnt™, Microgaming™, Interactive™, NYX and Playtech™. Some of the games are available only at casinos that partner a particular gaming provider. Now, let’s have a look at the largest software suppliers and some of their most popular games:

Real Money Casino Game Variations

As far as game variety is concerned, there is not a big difference between landbased casinos and online casinos. In fact, the games that seem to attract the most players in traditional casinos are also the ones that get the most attention at online casinos. In most cases, players who choose to play online for real money go for slots or one of
the classics – roulette or blackjack.

Classic Roulette

The classic roulette has a long history. It was invented in the 17th century – a long, long time ago. The name means “little wheel” and it comes from a French word. The game hasn’t changed a lot for the past centuries. Today it offers pretty much the same features. In the UK, it attracts more than 1,700,000 players. Perhaps the only difference nowadays is the introduction of the ‘00’, or double zero, in the American Roulette.

Since the rise of Real Money Casino on the Internet, many people have resorted to playing online roulette, which may have a human dealer or may be based entirely on software. The online version of the game is the same as the traditional one: there are 37/38 numbers. The biggest advantage is that you can play it while at home.

Slot Machines

Believe it or not, slot machines have been around for several centuries at the too. They attract more than 6,000,000 players in the UK at every Real Money Casino. They are very popular around the world. There is a huge variety of slot games, from the classics to video theme slots and more. The former normally have fruits in their layout, whereas the latter focus on historical and cinematographic characters. The goal of the themes is to make the games more fun. With the rise of the casino websites, slots have gained more popularity.


real money casino mobileJust like the roulette, blackjack is another game whose history began in the early days of the 17th century. It has been popular since then. It is a card game, also known as ‘21.’ The end goal of every player is to reach the number of 21, hence its name. As far as online blackjack is concerned, there is Live blackjack, which is watched online in real time, featuring a human dealer, and there is also software-based blackjack in which the human dealer is replaced by a number generator which works randomly to ensure that the game is fair.

Top Mobile Casinos in the UK

There is something more burdensome than choosing an online casino and it is picking out a mobile platform to have lots of fun on the go. It’s really a tough decision if you don’t know where and what to look for. You wouldn’t want to spend ages searching for a mobile casino only to find out that it is not worth your while. The criteria we used when selecting the top mobile casino platforms are similar to the ones we went for when choosing the best online casinos. We made sure to put together a list of high-quality brands for you. They are all reputable and have a variety of games. But enough of talking. Let’s have a look at the criteria we used for each Real Money Casino:

  • Playability and graphics of games: It’s easy to play casino games on your computer, but when it comes to the mobile versions, there may be a few challenges. For example, your smartphone or tablet may not support the games you want to play. This is why we looked into game playability with regard to portable devices. We also took into consideration the game graphics and functionality.
  • Regulation and licences: We wouldn’t recommend a mobile casino if it is not licensed. See, safety and security are of great importance. They are the first thing you should be checking when deciding which company to go with. All of the mobile casinos we listed on our site have been checked for licences.
  • Games available for mobile platforms: For a mobile casino to be worth the time, there should be a diversity of games on offer, just as it is with online casinos. We worked hard to pick out the companies with a wide selection of gaming options. We also do our best to give you unbiased information about each and every brand we included on our list.
  • Software of mobile casino games: We also looked into the software used in mobile games. It is a very important feature, which determines the quality of a product.

What else do we look into?

Our goal is to guide players in their search for good online casinos. We make sure to provide all the relevant information. Our ultimate goal is for you to find the best places on the Internet to wager without jeopardizing your personal and financial data. We tend to navigate players towards the best real money casinos on a global scale and particularly in the UK.

real money casinoHere is what we provide on a regular basis for all our readers:

  • Gambling strategies and tips
  • Information about scams
  • Reviews of casino sites
  • Reviews of popular casino games
  • Tips on how to be a smart player
  • Casino news

Which Casinos Failed our Inspection?

As we mentioned above, we examined thoroughly every casino website we could and not all the operators passed our test. Those who didn’t qualify as reliable ended up on our blacklist. Below, we show you which companies you should avoid, as they may pose a threat to the security and safety of their customers. Check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I pay with UK pounds at the best online casinos?
    A: All of the casinos we have mentioned on our page give you the opportunity to pay out with UK pounds. In truth, they all accept several currencies and the Pound is one of the options. There is nothing to worry about.
  • Q: Do I have to play using money or can I play for free at the top casinos on the web?
    A: You will be surprised how many companies give you the opportunity to play for free at their sites. There is a variety of games you can play without having to deposit any money, including Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. The best part is, you can play these games as much as you want until you pluck up courage to play with real money.
  • Q: How do I get a welcome bonus at a given Real Money Casino  online?
    A: You have to know that there is no specific procedure when it comes to claiming your welcome bonus. The truth is that every casino comes up with its own rules and you need to figure those out of the particular company you are interested in. Generally speaking, the bonus is rewarded automatically to the player. Note that in most cases you are required to make a deposit if you want to get your special promotion and then you also have to bet a couple of times to withdraw your winnings. We offer a guide about bonuses, so no worries.
  • Q: How do I pick the top UK casinos on the web? Are there any rules or precautions?
    A: In the first place, you need to think security. As we mentioned above, you need to check the company’s licence, as well as which jurisdiction is in charge of regulating the casino; for example, the UK Gambling Commission. What is more, the top casinos work with the best software providers in the industry, as in NetEnt and Microgaming, as well as get accredited by the independent authority eCOGRA. Last but not least, every operator must provide convenient and reliable banking options.
  • Q: Is it legal to play at an online  casino in the UK?
    real money casino bonusA: According to the UK Gambling Commission, online casinos in the UK are not illegal and individuals are allowed to play their favourite games on the Internet. The UK Gambling Commission permits UK players to play at casinos online, it is not illegal to play at online casinos in the UK. This Commission also states that Internet casinos which offer gambling services to British players need to obtain a UK gaming licence. Foreign online casinos that are not licensed by the recognised regulators will be banned from advertising their services to British players. Players are, however, free to play at licensed online casinos.
  • Q: What are the different ways of depositing money into my online casino account? Are the withdrawing options the same?
    A: There are many ways of making a deposit at an online casino. The same goes for withdrawing your money. In general, you can use e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, EcoCard, Instadebit. This is one of the safest payment methods. The purpose of an e-wallet is to connect your debit card or bank account to the particular casino. That way, your financial details remain concealed. Other methods of payment – and respectively withdrawing cash – include prepaid cards, vouchers, eChecks, and wire transfers. The options are endless.
  • Q: What if a problem occurs and I can’t make a deposit?
    A: In that case you should immediately get in touch with the customer support of the bookie you are using. They will assist you with the matter as soon as possible, helping you handle the problem. All of the brands featured on our site offer 24/7 customer services, with staff that speak a number of languages for your peace of mind.
  • Q: What are the benefits of an online casino?
    A: One advantage of real money online casinos is that you can play wherever you are and whenever you want, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, using your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can play hundreds of games without having to go out of your home. As you can see, a trip to the nearest land-based casino is not necessary. That will save you money, hassle and time.
  • Q: What does a deposit bonus mean?
    A: A deposit bonus is a bonus you are given when you play at an online casino. It usually comes in the form of cash added to your account. The cash reward is a percentage of the sum you fund into your account. If the deposit bonus is 100%, this means that you will get a pretty good cash reward. In general, only the initial deposit is entitled to this kind of bonus.
  • Q: How can I be sure that the sites I’m using are fair?
    A: The casino sites we offer on our page are regulated and audited independently. The software is secure. Plus, all the baccarat, blackjack, video and poker games, slots and roulette games are provided by trustworthy and reputable game suppliers.
  • Q: Can I trust these sites with my money?
    A: You can be sure that the most reputable casinos take all the necessary security measures to ensure customers’ peace of mind. All personal and information data are kept confidential.
  • Q: Can I use different currencies to play casino games?
    A: In most cases, you can. Many casinos offer users the chance to play in UK pounds, Canadian dollars and US dollars. In some cases, Australian dollars are also available.
  • Q: Can I play for real money using my portable mobile devices, such as my phone and my tablet?
    A: More often than not, yes. Generally, it is up to every casino to provide this opportunity for players. The best real money casinos in the world have such an option. A lot of brands create special apps for iOS and Android users. In most cases, these apps can also be run on Blackberry and Windows phones as well since they are built using HTML5.

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