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New Casino Sites – The Best New Online Casinos 2020

The new casino sites that keep emerging on the Internet mark the rise of this type of gaming which has quite a short history and will shape 2020. The truth is, online casinos have been around since 1994. Since then there have been breakthroughs, advances and lots of innovation, accompanied by a package of security features. Competition in this field is expected to grow heavier in the years to come and we can do nothing but hope for improved welcome bonuses and promotions that we have been used to for the past months. Down below, we will look into the best new casinos that 2020 has to offer – stay with us to learn more.

Meet the New Online Casinos

We are happy to say that the new operators on the web that happened to emerge in 2020 turned out to be very useful, resourceful, diverse and creative. The games they offer are various and it seems that each of them has distinctive properties. It has to be said that the market is currently focusing on creating loyal communities like the ones described herein:

New Online Casino Sites

Rank Casino Offer Play Now / Review
100% Welcome Bonus
Up to $200
Play now

100% Welcome Bonus
Up to $100
Play now

100% on First $20
Up to $1000
Play now

New mobile casino sites 2021 – Trends in New Casinos

If you really want to enjoy new mobile online casinos, you need to be familiar with the latest trends. This will help you find the best deals and offers so that you never have to settle for less.

Take the time to learn more about the developments that have been made in the casino industry. It will surely pay off.

New Casino Bonuses

new online gamblingWithout a doubt, what attracts newcomers to online casinos are promotions and welcome bonuses. Find out more about the latest offers here.

Free Spins

It appears that the best new operators on the web are drifting away from providing welcome bonuses to new members, the reason being this kind of promotions is already very widespread. And since online casinos are looking for innovative approaches, a number of them go with free spins. They offer pretty much the same quality of experience, benefits, as well as satisfaction.

Mind you that a number of players choose free spins as well since that kind of credit is different from real cash bankroll.

Staggered Bonuses

To draw new customers to their casinos, companies often resort to dividing a bonus into small pieces and offering it at different times to players, usually after a few deposits. This has become a trend among online casinos and is provoked by casinos that provide huge welcome bonuses to tempt people to join their sites.

No requirements for wagering

One of the things that can win customers over is when no requirements apply to promotions and bonuses. This is a huge plus and one of the latest developments in the gaming industry. It is especially useful when it comes to free spins and new online casinos bonuses. In case you don’t know, most promotions come with certain terms and conditions, some of them stating that you must bet up to 30X the amount of the bonus or play through a number of times before you can cash out your winnings. So, some of the other reductions involve imposing no caps on winnings.

One of the companies that have the best policies is mFortune which seems to allow customers to keep what they have won without incurring any charges. The good news is, other operators are starting to follow in the same fashion.

The lack of requirements at the new operators makes it incredibly easy for players to make the most of their bonuses and adds to their entertainment.

Extra Value at New Online Casinos

new casinos gamingToday, participating in tournaments or specials, playing and depositing are features that customers are already quite used to. This is something that all companies offer to entice people into playing casino games. And although it is true that the basic features of gaming are entertaining enough, many operators don’t stop there. The new casinos go as far as adding extra value features for their customers, the reason being they just want to beat the competition. This is necessary as the license titles of the majority of casinos are provided by one and the same game supplier. So, it seems like a great thing that online casinos are doing everything they can to draw game lovers to their sites. Take a look at the following features you simply can’t miss.

Kaboo and its Missions

The Kaboo Casino is a good example of extra value features at new operators. It is different from some of its competitors in that it offers players whole storylines and gets their attention with a variety of challenges and missions in which they can show what they’ve got. The goal is to offer more than just ordinary gaming. They want to make playing as thrilling as possible.

There are many ways in which this type of promotion pays off. For example, players are offered advancing VIP levels, free spins and extra points and benefits. There are plenty of things to catch your eye. This type of promotion does make the games more engaging and improves the gaming experience.

Rizk Casino’s “Power Bar”

Another interesting added feature is Rizk Casino’s “power bar,” which becomes stronger the more you play and win. Basically, it is a metre. When you play games and win, that metre starts to fill. Hence, the more you play, the faster it will fill. When this happens, lots of specials are unlocked and you sort of ‘level up’. This is when you get the chance to spin their Wheel of Rizk, which gives you the opportunity to receive extra free spins and bonuses. Yay!

Selection of Games

The good news is that over the years casinos have developed a lot and today they rely on a variety of game suppliers rather than just one. Hence, there is a diversity of games for anyone who is willing to have some fun and even win money. And the best online casinos offer unrivalled gaming experience.

A number of Software Providers

Nowadays, one of the criteria that distinguish state-of-the-art casinos is the ability to provide games from multiple gaming brands. In truth, the best gaming providers can serve different casinos, which means that brands competing against each other can use one and the same software provider.

A quick tip: It is not advisable to go with any of  the new operators if it only has one supplier. It is best to stick with an operator that is capable of delivering a wide range of games that are powered by different suppliers.

Slots are in the Spotlight

new casinos laptopNowadays, the focus has been shifted to slot games. If you must know, today slots are much different than they used to be, in that they are a lot more fun than before. Whereas a few years back machines only had like five spinning reels, today the games offer an amazing array of features and options that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are a game lover. Here are some of the features to consider:

  • An unbelievable amount of bonus rounds (rather than just one!) which are unlocked by different combinations and special symbols. It’s a packaged deal.
  • Expanding wilds and staking symbols, as well as many other super cool, innovative, intriguing and entertaining reel behaviours that await you.
  • In addition to the basic slot gameplay, you also get a variety of side-games, which come in the form of bonuses. More often than not, these resemble small video games.

Casino sites Where slots are put on a Pedestal

It may be hard to imagine, but there are whole variety of new operators whose sections are all about slots. That’s right. Their business is dedicated to slot games. It would be great if there were more companies of this type, but of course, we would also be happy to see a few table games as well.

Pitfalls of Casinos You Should Know About

Along with the best features and incredible gaming offers, there also are many pitfalls and dangers of using mobile and online casinos. Here is what to watch out for this year:

  • Don’t get confused. Not all promotions are worth your while. For example, if you encounter a bonus that has ridiculous terms and conditions (i.e. when they seem too good to be true), don’t go for it. It most probably is a scam.
  • Do not register on sites which stick with only one supplier of games. You need a casino that is engaged with multiple game suppliers, which can be accessed through one and the same account.
  • It is not advisable to register on sites that offer only one way of depositing money – via debit card. Make sure to stick with companies that offer various payment methods such as vouchers (Playsafecard) and e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal).
  • Do not go for the same games every time. There are so many offers out there that playing the same games seems unthinkable. Be adventurous.
  • Make sure to subscribe to your casino in social media like Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss out on any promotions or specials. You will also be given recent updates about the casino you are playing at.

Choosing where to Register

Here we will give you a few pointers on where it is best to create an account this year. Generally speaking, it depends on what you want to focus on. Are you looking for:

  • Mobile or online casino games?
  • Slots or table games?
  • Big bonuses or value?
  • A themed casino or an ordinary one?

You need to answer these questions in order to determine what you need for a good gaming experience. We assure you that the new casino sites no deposit of 2020 will suit your needs perfectly. It has to be said that the trends this year are going in the direction of meeting individual players’ needs rather than offering one-size-fits-all gaming and hoping for the best. So, feel free to play securely and enjoy your time at the best casino places on the web.

How We Selected the Best New Operators on the Internet

new casino cardsWe didn’t pick random casinos and put them on our page. You have to know that only the top online casinos on the web made it to our reviews list. In order to determine which operators are of high quality, we looked into their customer service, welcome bonuses, software and everything in between. We played different games, funded our accounts, withdrew our winnings, interacted with security and even contacted customer support to find out all their strong and weak points. Later on, we assessed the performance of the sites, we did the math and we ranked them. Herein, you can get an idea of what criteria we considered when ranking the new online casinos of 2020:

  • Secure sign-up: we assure you that the casino sites we recommend offer a safe sign-up process that doesn’t take much time so that you can go to the games as soon as possible.
  • Diversity of games: The sites we have selected offer a great variety of games and 100% satisfaction. They have video poker, slots, table games and so much more. There are companies which go as far as offering up to 500 games.
  • Quality of software: Another important criterion is layout, user-friendliness and ease of access. We have made sure to select casino sites that offer easy navigation and understandable layout. Also, we looked into game design because it is one of the most important things for newcomers.
  • Multiple deposit options: We realise that you want to have more than one option of depositing because – let’s admit it – everyone has their preferences. Luckily, all our suggestions offer multiple deposit options, ranging from wire transfers to e-wallets, Neteller, and much more.
  • Fast payout: And while casino sites go out of their way to make depositing fast and easy, this is not the case with cashing out. Sometimes it takes ages to withdraw your winnings. The good thing is, all of the casinos we have picked for you offer fast payout options, which means that the money you win will get into your hands sooner than you think.
  • Customer support: Finally, we take into account a company’s customer service. The operators we chose provide 24/7 customer support and are always willing to help their clients. You can be sure that your enquiries will be attended to no matter at what time you are sending your request.

Online Casinos that we Advise you to Opt out

Of course, it is much more fun to play at new casinos where games are so fresh and intriguing. However, it can also be risky to deposit money into a new place if you are not sure it is trustworthy. There are a few companies that ended up on our blacklist for being unlawful, unresponsive and unfair. We suggest you have a good look at them so that you are never tempted to invest your money into them. We guarantee your experience will not be positive with these operators. Check this out.

Mobile Casinos of 2021

When you are playing your favourite games using the mobile platform of a casino, it is essential that you get a full range of features, bonuses and games. We make sure to check the sites of new online casinos that pop up on the web to see how it is doing on this account. We scrutinise all sites we encounter using tablets and smartphones, we try out any available apps for both iPad and iPhone, and also check out if the mobile version/app is available for Blackberry and Windows Phone users that are often left out. As a whole, we have made sure our tops suggestions are mobile-friendly.

Questions & Answers about New Online Casinos

play new online casinoQ: Is there any way to distinguish quality casinos from scams?
A: There are many ways to tell if a casino site is second-to-none or not. One of the signs that the company is trustworthy is if it has comprehensive contact information. It should be as easy as pie to get in touch with any of their assistants, either via email or by phone. Usually, the contact details are displayed in a visible spot on their homepage or they even have a separate Contact Us page. In most cases, there is even a live chat. If the site is not trustworthy, there will be no contact information whatsoever.

Q: It seems that not all the bonuses were created equal. Why is this so?
A: See, there are different types of bonuses. There are small ones and big ones. They all come with different requirements, the so-called ‘terms and conditions’. At times even if a bonus seems bigger, it can still be equal to a bonus that is much smaller.

Q: Are the ratings of new online casinos on your site aimed at real money players only?
A: Not at all. Our goal is to help anyone find the best place on the web to play casino games. When ranking a site, we usually look from the perspective of a potential customer who just wants to have fun for free. All the factors that we consider such as customer service, software quality, diversity of games and payment processing are targeted for both real-money players and the ones that don’t want to play for money.

Q: What does payout percentage mean?
A: As its name implies, it is the sum of money which an online casino will pay out to you. Imagine an operator offers a 95% payout percentage. This means that for every $1 they have been provided with, they will pay 95 cents out. And don’t worry about your security. Independent authorities audit these figures, so you can be sure everything is all right. One such authority is eCOGRA.

Q: Should I trust complaints about a given casino that I have found on the Internet?
A: Not always. The truth is, people rarely write reviews to say how much they enjoy a given service, product or company, but they always find the time to complain about it. Usually, that happens in forums and social media. It is best to stick with review sites like ours which are dedicated to telling the good operators from the bad ones and that offer peace of mind and trustworthiness. We recommend you always turn to us for more information rather than trusting some random complaints on the web whose authenticity has not been proven.

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