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Best Casino Games – Read the Details and Feel Free to Play

If you are wondering how to go about picking the best casino games on the web, we can tell you from first-hand experience that this is not an easy task. However, once you have access to the key information necessary to establish which is the best selection for you, you can rest assured that you have nailed the top casino games. In a nutshell, the purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of the top casino games so as to allow you to make an informed choice in your search of attractive, entertaining, and graphically enticing gambling solutions. As the UK online casino market is currently quite saturated, it is only natural for operators to look for an edge over their competitors by coming up with different games meeting high quality standards. At the same time, the market leaders in the industry are well aware of the fact that offering the best variety of casino games is a surefire way to retain their existing customer base as well as lure new members to join their websites.

best casino games iconWhen it comes to diversity, it is worth noting that plenty of the online casinos on the market operate on gaming software platforms developed by major providers such as Playtech or Net Entertainment. As a result, the games they offer are not radically different from one another. At the same time, online casinos which insist on supplying exclusive games, take up the challenge of developing customized software. A case in point is 888 Casino, whose platform is built by their subsidiary Dragonfish, so their online casinos games are unlike any other.

The great point about the variety of top casino games is that it allows players to experience a vast realm of new games and experiment with appealing options. We advise to keep an open mind so that you can try out as many of the exciting games on offer as possible. To put it simply, whether you are a novice, an expert, or somewhere in between, being familiar with the major types of casino games is a must. From the all-time classics represented by roulette and blackjack, through slot games boasting captivating video imaging, to ordinary but fun stretch cards, you are simply spoilt for choice with all these top online casino games, enjoying them from the convenience of your own home. Below you can find a thorough description of the most highly sought after games which you can bet on games for real money or in practice mode.


  • Card Games: Card games are among the most popular players’ choices at online casinos. They can be considered a sub-category of table games, or a separate group in its own right. The most common card games are blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean Stud Poker. These can be further subdivided into High-Skill and Low-Skill games based on the level of expertise they require.
  • Table Games: As already mentioned above, table games may overlap with card games as most of the latter are played on a table. However, there are other classic examples of table games such as craps and roulette.
  • Lottery-Style Games: As the name suggests, this type of games only rely on luck and thus are devoid of any reasoning or decision-making. A common example of such a game is keno.
  • Jackpot Games: This is the name for any game that accumulates a jackpot. Slots and video poker certainly fall into this category. Another popular game of this kind is Caribbean Stud Poker which boasts a progressive jackpot that can be triggered by a royal flush.

Hottest Online Casino Games with the Highest Number of Players

We set out to conduct research into the most sought-after casino games, and the results revealed the following ranking: slots occupy the first place with 37.7% of popularity, roulette comes next with 22.21%, blackjack is third with 9.80%, and scratch cards remain at the bottom with 8.23%.


online-slots-best casino gamesNo self-respecting online casino would spare slots from its range of gambling options when it comes to offering the best  games. This game is so widespread probably because it is great fun and does not require a lot of background knowledge. What is more, gambling in slots presents very good opportunities for substantial winnings. Slots are defined as a point-and-click game, which in fact is very similar to traditional computer games. In addition, slots are based on a random number generator system which guarantees fairness, and they come in a variety of interfaces, from three-reel models to contemporary video slots. Indeed, playing online slots can open the door for numerous bonus offers and progressive jackpots. Last but not least, the straightforward rules of the game make it very suitable for beginners.

The graphics are truly engrossing to the extent that players are stimulated to play many spins. Learn more about slots…here.


Another all-time favourite, roulette originated in France and it is still known under its French name (the word means ‘wheel’). The credit goes to mathematician Blaise Pascal who invented the roulette wheel while studying perpetual motion. Little did he know that it will inspire one of the best games ever. Nowadays, roulette is found in any casino, be it brick-and-mortar or online. What makes is so attractive is probably the sense of adrenaline pumping while the ball is pattering over the numbered pockets. Whatever the reason, roulette offers a genuinely thrilling experience.

best casino games rouletteAs a matter of fact, roulette is a game solely based on luck so no universal strategy can be devised to improve the odds. At the end of the day, the advantage of the house is what prevails. Still, various methods have been employed in order to establish objective regularities that would guarantee wins when playing roulette. Based on the principle of the ‘gambler’s fallacy’, these schemes assume that future events are influenced by past ones. Translated into the language of the roulette, this means that the outcome of a certain spin will be influenced by previous spins. According to the ‘gambler’s fallacy’, hitting red four consecutive times determines a greater likelihood of landing on a black in the fifth spin. Frankly speaking, this is not correct because each spin is fully autonomous and does not depend historically on what has come up previously. Therefore, the wisest approach to the game would entail knowing your limits. If you are clear about how much you are ready to risk, and cease playing upon losing that amount, you have been acting reasonably. All the same, do put an end to it when you are ahead, and you are bound to derive genuine pleasure from the game.

There are a couple of versions of roulette available at most online casinos. These are European, American, and French but the differences among them are rather subtle. In addition, the reviews of many operators includes Premium or VIP games running on selected tables, which offer increased wagering limits and exclusive bonuses. You can find detailed information in our roulette section.


This is another hugely popular of the best games, which is equally suitable for novices. What is more, its house edge is known to be far from high, which translates into better odds. According to experienced players, the rules of the game are easy to learn. In contrast to roulette or slots, blackjack involves a degree of competence so it is not solely based on luck.

Although the rules may vary slightly from casino to casino, there will be common ground among all the variants. For once, blackjack is played with one or many standard decks of 52 cards and no jokers. The goal is to obtain 21, or a bigger hand than the dealer whom each member of the online casino is playing against. If all hands amount to 22 or more points, the player loses by bust. The points are calculated on the basis of the rank of the cards (1 or 11 points for the ace relative to the better outcome for a given hand, 10 points for the jack, king, and queen, and the rest of the cards’ worth corresponds to their rank, irrespective of the suit). Blackjack is conducted at a special table which is marked with signs and notices outlining the rules and the betting limits. For each hand, there is a set of outcomes which is subject to the player’s choice, including losing, winning, and a blackjack (natural) that commonly involves a 3 to 2 payout.

Scratch Cards

scratchcard-best casino gamesThis is a very common game, especially for the novice player community. This is why we’ve included it in the list of the best gamesStatistically, it accounts for approximately 8% of the overall gambling activity online. Playtech are the developer with the highest reputation for the best scratch card games, designed with a variety of themes such as Rocky and Pink Panther, to name but a few. In essence, scratch cards require you to either reveal hidden symbols or match ones according to pre-determined rules. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Some operators really boast impressive collections of scratch cards because they rely on the simplicity of the rules and the potential for high payouts that this game has.

More of the Top Casino Games

The variety of casino-based online games on offer is highly appreciated by players and is actually among the top criteria for labeling a given casino operator as trustworthy. That is why online casinos aim at having a wide portfolio of games, from great visual arcade games to variations of card games such as Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker. It is essential for online casinos to know their customer base well in order to cater fully to their preferences. Broadly speaking, there are two main ways for categorizing players: on the basis of their level of proficiency, and according to the size of their bankroll. Just like some online casino members will rejoice in winning modest amounts through playing keno or bingo, others will be looking for high-roller opportunities especially along with live-dealer sessions. Last but not least, there are some rather ‘exotic’ games which still have dedicated fans. Such examples are Sic Bo, Wild Wiking, and the numerous poker variations: Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Pai Gow Poker and Deuces Wild.

Important Factors Determining Your Game Selection

These days the majority of online casino operators would offer a dazzling choice of games and variations thereof. This section of the article for the best games deals with important aspects, other than the type of game, that need to be carefully assessed before making a choice on the online casino you would be playing with.

House Edge

This term stands for the profit the casino gets from the total number of games played. Mathematically, it is expressed as a percentage of the player’s original bet. While skill may result in minimizing the house advantage, it is extremely rare that a player can fully offset his inherent long-run disadvantage. The house edge of top casino games varies greatly, with values ranging from 0.3% up to 25%. Something worth noting is that online casinos are obliged to reveal information on their house edge and the figures are subjected to thorough inspections by top testing agencies.


best casino games-progressiveThe concept of variance is closely related to the house edge. In essence, it stands for the likelihood of deviation from the anticipated house edge. In low variance games, players would gravitate around their foreseen return. The fewer possible outcomes of a game, the lower the variance. However, when variance is on the rise, there are bound to be deviations from the expected return, both towards the plus and the minus end of the scale. In other words, the higher the variance, the greater chance you stand of going bust. Translated in the language of games, playing slots may result in dazzling winnings even with a negligible bet while going for blackjack will hardly lead to hitting massive jackpots unless you enter with a whole lot of money from the top casino games.

Reward-to-risk Ratio

According to investment theory, there is inherent risk associated with any endeavor involving real money. In essence, reward-to-risk ratios are determined by the degree of volatility, whereby the relation between them is direct. This means that high volatility would result in high risk and reward, and vice versa. Certainly, there are players who do not take all these values into account. However, we believe that looking to make the most of your bets is worthwhile especially when the stakes are high. In a nutshell, being aware of all the variables and accounting for the potential probability does make a difference.

Staying Up-to-date

Different games exist for different players, and there is no unequivocal answer as to which constitute the best online games. Some people would rather play games involving skill, and others go for gambling that relies on pure luck. Some players are tempted by high payouts, yet others are happy with the possibility of modest winnings. Some online casino members are looking for generous bonuses and regular promotions and VIP offers while others play for the sake of enjoyment. Whatever your profile and decision at the end of the day is, we recommend that you try out at least a couple of games so that you can work out which suit you best. In order to further aid your informed choice, we invite you to consult our FAQ section for additional information on some more features of top casino games online. We will be supplementing this part of the website with more questions in the course of time, so check back on us every now and then.

FAQs on Casino Games

Our guide will provide answers to the following questions about long-running and new betting operators:

1. Which Games Are Associated with the Best Chances of Winning?

blackjack-best casino gamesAs was already discussed above, odds are relative to the house edge. Knowing that not all of the best casino games have equal odds is definitely helpful when choosing your preferred game. For instance, slots would presuppose a house edge of approximately 10%, which ranks them at the very bottom, with the lowest odds of winning. On the other hand, table games are much more favourable to players, and blackjack certainly takes pride in offering the best odds. Considering that your chances at every hand hover around 45%, blackjack becomes an undisputed leader in popularity. Craps, which is another table game, comes second, closely followed by roulette where the house advantage is estimated at 5.26%. Take these numbers into account; however, at the end of the day, you should not forget that even the games with the best odds eventually give the house an edge.

2. How Do Casinos Profit from the RTP?

RTP (Return to Player) is another term used to denote an online casino’s house edge. However, instead of pointing at the anticipated loss to the casino, it stands for the anticipated winnings for the player. The number derives from a player’s overall bets, and is represented as a percentage thereof. As far as European Roulette is concerned, this value is 97.3% (100% – 2.7%), or in other words, every £100 wagered has the chance of yielding a maximum of £97.30 for the player, reserving £2.70 for the casino.

3. Is It Possible to Count Cards When Playing Online?

It does not really boil down to possibility here but the actual question is whether this is legal. Since card counting represents a mental operation, nobody can really impose a ban on you doing that. The single instance when counting cards in an online casino would be considered a violation is if you rely on counting devices. Just because online casinos are actively standing behind their gains, if they smell a rat as far as counting cards goes, they might prohibit the suspected member from playing on their platform in the future.

4. Do I Have to Download the Casino Software in Order to Play the Games?

It is not mandatory to download and run any software so as to be able to play the best casino games. This is just an option which is offered parallel to the ‘instant mode’, or browser-based way of playing. However, the downloadable software is what includes the full range of casino games offered by a given operator while not all of these might be available to play through a browser. Do also bear in mind that flash casinos would probably require a very fast Internet connection.

5. Can I play online casino on my mobile and what games are available?

craps dice gameWith the advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, online casinos are increasingly aiming at attracting players through these media. Most reputable online casinos have both iOS and Android compatible apps at their players’ disposal. Since this is a fairly new direction of development, the selection of games that can be played on mobile is quite limited. Yet the best online casino operators provide their highest-ranking games on a mobile platform as well. The most straightforward way of downloading the mobile app is through scanning the QR codes available on the respective online casino website.

6. How Can I Be Sure that Online Casino Games are not Manipulated?

In fact, there are multiple systems in place that ensure the best casino games on offer are fair. What is more, it is not in the interest of online casinos to cheat as they generate profit from the house edge all the same. To be on the safe side, though, you need to check a couple of things. The first sign you should be looking for upon signing up with a particular online casino operator is whether it is licensed by a national authority. Secondly, find out detailed information about the software they use. Trustworthy operators are inspected by testing agencies on a regular basis. The responsibility of these bodies is to confirm that the software operates on the basis of Random Number Generators, thus guaranteeing fairness. In addition, if the platform is provided by respectable developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech, to name but a few, this means the online casino is legit and can be trusted. Such major software providers have a detailed play check functionality available to players who can monitor all transactions and game outcomes at all times. Finally, the exhaustive selection of featured games and outstanding customer support is another reliable indicator that the particular online casino will live up to your expectations.

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